The main activity of the company “VIS” Ltd. is the production of steel structures and coating them in different types and colours of corrugated sheet metal, panels and polycarbonate panels as per our customer’s request.

Thanks to our continuous investment into people and equipment, “VIS” Ltd. is capable to respond to the most complex market requests, by a complete prefabricated building system. “VIS” Ltd. offers full service of design and construction of buildings on a turnkey basis.

Furthermore, “VIS” Ltd. offers business consulting services relating to construction:

  • recommendation in the selection of construction types, sheet metal and panels
  • preparation of project documentation with required workshop details
  • preparation of a study on static safety and stability of performed work
  • construction and covers
  • professional supervision of performed work

For all our products, we are able to issue factory attestation for the used material, attestation from electrodes and welding wire, and to submit copies of certified welders who worked on the project. Welding jobs are controlled and are done in accordance with certificate standards of HRN EN ISO 3834-2. Materials of construction steel, austenitic steel and aluminium are welded. The quality of welded joints is checked through methods of non-destructive testing (NDT); visually, by penetrants, RTG, ultrasound in accordance with applicable European standards. All sets are shot-blasted, which is done on an automated blasting flow line. Final protection is done by painting in a hall with controlled atmosphere assisted by high-pressure airless pumps. In 2014, the company VIS was certified according to EU standard EN 1090-1:2009+A for the production and assembly of steel structures.

The standard ISO 9001:2008 was also introduced, which means that procedural approaches to quality management were adopted as well as continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality control management system, whereas for the production and assembly of steel structures, the company has a G-approval for construction activities.

In 2014, we received a grant through a competition “Entrepreneurial impulse, measure B1”. Among other things, the main activity is the purchase of new product line which opens up additional possibilities in the production of metal structures, and the introduction of software solutions. The project also provides education and further training for the employees of the company Vis.

VISION: To be the best company in the production and assembly of steel structures in Croatia and to achieve business excellence

MISSION:Production and assembly of all types of steel structures in construction of all types of market infrastructure requirements, respecting the highest standards of social responsibility and offering the clients reliability and quality based on the principles of business excellence.


  • to increase market share in the entire area of Croatia, to expand business to the countries of the central Europe, keeping the leading position at the local level
  • to be the first choice due to our competitive advantage, due to our quality product manufacturing and providing service delivery and compliance with agreed deadlines
  • to ensure income growth with the increase of production volume
  • to reduce production costs and overheads by investing into new technologies and equipment and by improvement of work technologies
  • to continually satisfy tastes and preferences of clients and all employees, to create a team spirit and develop teamwork with the insistence on high level of responsibility and ongoing investment into vocational training and motivation