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FC Karlovac – Grandstands

The grandstands were built from steel support elements which were relatively quickly and easily assembled on site. All elements are relatively light, the maximum weight of one grandstand element does not exceed 40 kg, so that no crane is required for assembly. Elements of steel structures are corrosion protected by hot dip galvaniziation. Area between seats is made from marine plywood. Plastic seats, planned for the grandstands, are produced by “Jadran” Zagreb, colour as per the investor’s choice.

The grandstand can be assembled at any solid ground or on a layer of gravel thickness 20 cm.

The size of the grandstand is not limited, it is determined by the size of typical elements:

– the length of the grandstands n x 2,20 m
– the width of the grandstands n x 3,00 m

On an area of 2,20 x 3,00 m 16 seats are assembled, that is, 16 spectators can be accommodated.