VIS d.o.o. | Steel Structures
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Steel Structures

Economy and construction pace are the demands of the market, to which VIS Ltd. responded by its system of steel production plants. Following the trends of modern construction, a technology of prefabricated plants has been developed. The most important parts are: primary and secondary steel structure and lining by sandwich panels and corrugated sheet metal.

Primary steel structure

„VIS“ Ltd., offers the production of plated, latticed or combined. The choice or primary steel construction depends on:

  • Static system
  • Main bearing structure grid
  • Specific requirements of a particular project

Secondary steel structure

As per the selection of covers and specific requirements (support width, colour) the secondary structure is selected. There could be light, cold formed, galvanized Z and C profiles or standard steel profiles (square, rectangular tube and various “I” profiles). Among others, it depends on the choice of cover, be it on the wall or roof cover.

Sheets/sheet metal

As per the order, we supply all elements for construction sheet metal:

  • Trapezoidal steel cover plates
  • Trapezoidal profiled wall panels
  • Gutters and drain pipes
  • Snow fence
  • All types of seam sheets

We provide services of covering and lining of objects with thermo-insulated sandwich panels of renowned European and Croatian producers. All sheet metal is available in RAL colour palette as per our customer’s choice.